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subcompact / субдоговор
имя существительное
a motor vehicle that is smaller than a compact.
Nissan will launch the all-new March and Cube subcompacts , derived from the B-platform shared with Renault.
We never had a vehicle so contemporary going after the subcompact segment to attract a younger, more upscale - probably import - buyer.
The first is a steering ratio approximately 30-percent quicker than normal at low to medium road speeds, Suddenly a large, long-wheelbase sedan is able to mimic a subcompact 's agile moves.
Volkswagen plans to introduce its subcompact hatchback Polo, at $15,000 to $17,000, and Toyota Motor Corp. will produce a similarly priced passenger car.
The various models Plymouth marketed, including minivans and the Neon subcompact , were sold in virtually identical versions by the stronger Dodge division.
Its best-selling car of the late 1990s, the Fiesta subcompact , was virtually the same car it produced a decade earlier.
The first salvo in the car strategy will be the new Versa subcompact , which goes on sale in summer 2006.
Output of Anna's first car engines, for the subcompact Civic, began a year later.
And in Japan, stylish numbers such as the March subcompact and the boxy Cube micro-van are driving sales.
Fukui's biggest claim to fame was helming the launch of Honda's successful Fit subcompact in Japan.
Hyundai, Korea's leading automaker, arrived in the U.S. in 1986 with the Excel subcompact .