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subaltern / младший офицер
имя существительное
младший офицер
subaltern, sub
имя прилагательное
subordinate, subject, inferior, under, subdued, subaltern
имя прилагательное
of lower status.
the private tutor was a recognized subaltern part of the bourgeois family
(of a proposition) implied by another proposition (e.g., as a particular affirmative is by a universal one), but not implying it in return.
имя существительное
an officer in the British army below the rank of captain, especially a second lieutenant.
This paramilitary force, which in 1861 numbered only 120 troopers, was organised into small divisions in which two or three European officers and subalterns each commanded four to six Aboriginal troopers.
Robert's apparent movement away from his subaltern roots, however, is tempered by his conscious choice to identify as African American.
So go educate yourself about cultural appropriation before you start talking about making pornos about your take on subaltern groups' religious beliefs and practices.
At a time when new trendy approaches to history such as the so-called subaltern studies claim to represent the cutting edge of social history, true quality social history stands out.
He was the subaltern who enacted Ferguson's orders in that abrasive, no - nonsense style of his.
Although local elites are given agency and demonstrate a degree of control in the tourist discourse, subaltern locals involved in the tourist trade remain compliant.
In more specific terms, the subaltern woman can now locate her agency in film and televisual programming in her native nation-state.
It is important to clarify that it need not be taken as an absolute fall from purity to find subaltern groups quite consciously shaping their practices to the contexts of tourist audiences or state occasions.
So you didn't know what you were going to get, what you were going to meet, and it was no wonder that the life expectancy of a subaltern in those days was about 10 weeks.
And they were accused of adopting the dominant perceptions about subaltern groups, such as women and racial minorities.
Kennedy seems to be suggesting that not only is the lack of a unified self a human condition, but it is also a subaltern condition, aggravated by racial animosity.