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sub-zero / ниже нуля
имя прилагательное
below zero on the Fahrenheit scale (–18 Celsius); very cold.
It can feel relatively warm, even in sub-zero temperatures, if the sky is clear and the sun is shining, while a higher temperature can feel relatively cool if accompanied by a biting cold wind.
Oh, how we'll laugh about this in November, when we're shivering in sub-zero temperatures and walking through freezing sleet.
Outside the temperatures were sub-zero and the sea was frozen over.
The cold front, which moved in over the province last Friday, has brought with it sub-zero temperatures, snow and rain over many parts of the province.
Greek troops battled snow storms and rescued 108 train passengers stranded in sub-zero temperatures yesterday, authorities said.
Keeping warm in the sub-zero temperatures of Siberia is a tough enough challenge for anyone.
Mont Blanc is just 13 km from Les Droites, the peak on which Andrew doggedly clung to life for five days in sub-zero temperatures after becoming trapped in a storm.
He described his 1,200 km walk through the frozen Antarctic as a long, hard slog with biting winds and sub-zero temperatures.
And he will train in a freezer at a supermarket depot to get used to sub-zero temperatures he will have to endure.
High winds and ice snapped power cables, and sub-zero temperatures and wind gusts hindered the attempts of emergency teams to reconnect them.