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suave / учтивый, обходительный, вежливый
имя прилагательное
courteous, polite, suave, fair, affable, delicate
courteous, suave, polite, gracious, complaisant, friendly in manner
polite, courteous, gentle, bland, urbane, suave
имя прилагательное
(especially of a man) charming, confident, and elegant.
all the waiters were suave and deferential
According to marketing, drinking is wonderful, it helps you get the girl or the guy, it's exotic and makes you cool, suave and sophisticated.
He's known for his soft, suave nasal voice and gentle demeanour.
Intense emotions of fear, anger and jealousy bombard the once suave male.
He could easily have passed for just another suave foreign businessman.
She didn't belong with these suave men in their summer wear, or the chic women in their expensive dresses and bathing suits.
Jake always managed to insult my very being and yet able to do it in his arrogant, oh-so charming and suave way.
Ray Porter played by Steve Martin is suave , rich and a consummate seducer.
In the action field, he's not a fighter, like the martial arts brigade, but a throwback to the era of suave gentleman spies.
But suave man of mystery he isn't, and he just looks uncomfortable and out of place throughout the film.
He was a suave man, and he had won the respect of millions.