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stylize / стилизовать, изображать в традиционном стиле
изображать в традиционном стиле
conventionalize, stylize
depict or treat in a mannered and nonrealistic style.
gracefully shaped vases decorated with stylized but recognizable white lilies
The camera records and we watch; there is very little high-speed editing or stylized camera technique.
I'm making a very stylized film, and yet the dialogue and characters should be pretty real.
Of course, as in any stylized comedy, the characters are slightly unrealistic.
Wilson tends to over-employ directing and storytelling tricks, any one of which would normally overpower this low budget movie with their noticeable artistic stylization .
Substance has been replaced by ego, appropriation, parody and clichéd stylization .
From a distance Hughes Henge appears to be a simple, stylized image of Stonehenge.
Beyond simply looking fantastic the wildly stylized world of the film is an obvious reminder not to take things too literally.
The Russians clearly took folk dances and stylized them so they became part of the ballet vocabulary.
The Maya of Central America were still carving stylized warriors in relief in ad 500.
It's nice to see a small band on a small stage embraced the now stylized histrionics of rock and roll.