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stylist / стилист, модельер, специалист по интерьеру
имя существительное
designer, stylist
специалист по интерьеру
имя существительное
a designer of fashionable styles of clothing.
If you prefer to completely copy the look this is a great style that your favorite stylist can design for you.
a person whose job is to arrange and coordinate food, clothes, etc. in a stylish and attractive way in photographs or films.
Tanya Burton chats to the food stylists who know how to make you drool.
a person noted for elegant work or performance, in particular.
The most elegant prose stylist of the Victorian era had no time for lofty language if it was used as a brake on popular devotion.
the letter was written by a famous stylist
Hemant Trevedi, fashion stylist , designer, choreographer, and teacher, is known for being ahead of his times.
It is obvious from the first page that Yancey is an accomplished stylist .
I go to the hairdressers on Friday and ask for my usual stylist .
Has her hair be immaculately coiffured by a top stylist ?
Like with any new hairstyle, find a stylist who excels at that kind of look.
a food stylist
Ask your stylist to razor-cut the ends to add new angles and dimensions to your face.
I love V.S. Naipaul who is probably the finest stylist within the English language now.
The stylist himself then held, for students and designers, a crowded lecture at United Nations University, on the theme of Projecting Matter.