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styling / моделирование, дизайн, стайлинг
имя существительное
modeling, styling
design, styling
имя существительное
the way in which something is made, designed, or performed.
the car's subtle European styling
имя прилагательное
fashionable or stylish.
my new stylin' black pants
design or make in a particular form.
the yacht is well proportioned and conservatively styled
designate with a particular name, description, or title.
the official is styled principal and vice chancellor of the university
the car's subtle European styling
styling gel
Yea buddy, eight tracks and two speakers - I was stylin '.
By the end of the month I'd be totally stylin '.
I felt comfortable in an old pair of unfashionable jeans, my new stylin ' black pants or a salwar.
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is turning dumpy het guys into super stylin ' pseudo gay men.
by the end of the month, I'll be totally stylin'
my new stylin' black pants
From cool tops to trendy shoes, here are the 11 items that'll have you stylin ' on vacation.
All proof that in 2003 the 588 was still stylin ' ($108 - $149).