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style / стиль, тип, манера
имя существительное
style, fashion, manner, tone, language, genre
type, style, kind, class, nature, character
manner, style, way, fashion, mannerism, touch
dignify, style
вводить в моду
bring into fashion, style, bring into vogue, plug
имя существительное
a manner of doing something.
different styles of management
a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.
the pillars are no exception to the general style
elegance and sophistication.
a sophisticated nightspot with style and taste
design or make in a particular form.
the yacht is well proportioned and conservatively styled
designate with a particular name, description, or title.
the official is styled principal and vice chancellor of the university
(forming adjectives and adverbs) in a manner characteristic of.
she has a different style of approach
In recent years her style has become more sophisticated, elegant and streamlined.
backing out isn't my style
Stromules were also observed in epidermal cells of the style and the stigma.
Will it ever be possible for a period to produce a style which is entirely original, or is our fashion fated to rest on what came before?
The beer has the thick white head and cloudy, unfiltered appearance associated with the style .
he has a slightly unusual teaching style
Maurice is a popular artist and has contributed to numerous group shows and his distinctive style will be familiar to many.
students should pay attention to style and idiom
Consumption is more than just French style and taste, it represents the positioning of the self in a larger world.