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stutter / заикаться, запинаться
stutter, stammer, bumble
stammer, stumble, falter, stutter, hesitate, hem
имя существительное
stuttering, stammering, stutter, stammer, titubation, impediment
имя существительное
a tendency to stutter while speaking.
Well mannered and quiet, with a stutter in his speaking voice - but not his singing one - Thompson nonetheless has an air of defiance about him.
talk with continued involuntary repetition of sounds, especially initial consonants.
the child was stuttering in fright
Aidan squeaked, with an added stutter because he was suddenly nervous.
The video image is sharp, though there is an occasional image stutter on hard cuts.
Unpleasant like the faint nausea of the initial stutter and sharp turns of a car journey.
When I concentrated, I could hear the explosions in the distance, supplemented every once in a while by the stutter of a machinegun or the crack of a rifle.
He may have spoken with a slight Liverpool accent and a slight stutter and was carrying a cream Reebok bag and a plastic bag.
She asked several times and I tried to speak but again, it was a struggle and mostly a stutter .
The Bradford star, who has struggled to overcome his own stutter , is about to sit final speech exams which will qualify him to help others who are verbally challenged.
To compensate for a lifelong stutter , Walton also overpronounces words, which gives his speech an arrogant twist.
Mendelssohn also suffered two physical constraints, a hammerlock stutter and a severe curvature of the spine that gave him a hump.
Yet the data clearly suggest that the job machine may have developed a long-term stutter for other reasons.