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sturgeon / осетр, осетрина
имя существительное
имя существительное
a very large primitive fish with bony plates on the body. It occurs in temperate seas and rivers of the northern hemisphere, especially central Eurasia, and is of commercial importance for its caviar and flesh.
A subspecies of the Atlantic sturgeon, Gulf sturgeons are found in the coastal rivers of the Gulf of Mexico.
Happily, on several rivers, the sturgeon now thrive and have become an important fishery resource once again.
Place sturgeon in a non-reactive dish pour marinade over and turn to coat completely.
The Razumovskiy carries smoked or cured sturgeon and salmon for between 31 and 75 roubles for 100 grams.
White sturgeon and sockeye salmon both come to freshwater to spawn.
The same day, another couple was driving a boat on the river when a sturgeon jumped up and smashed into the boat's windshield.
The lake sturgeon is a fish of temperate waters and is found only in the Northern Hemisphere in North America.
Grilled sturgeon is lavishly drenched in black vinegar and eggplant.
Either a basal gnathostome such as a shark or a basal actinopterygian such as a sturgeon would be equally instructive.
The river once teemed with sturgeon - fish so swollen with eggs their weight can exceed 2000 pounds.
Transfer the sturgeon to a cutting board and reserve any excess liquid.