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stupor / ступор, оцепенение, одурь
имя существительное
consternation, stupor, torpor, catalepsy, stupefaction, torpidity
имя существительное
a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility.
a drunken stupor
I had been in a daze, but now my anger was fired up, so strong and hot that it forced me out of the stupor .
He would wear the sari and quickly tie up his long hair into a bun and appear on the stage in a drunken stupor .
Last year, a good portion of the responsible people of Dublin chose to drink themselves into a stupor .
Broken only by my forced scream to break the stupor of my condition.
The three boys discovered Mr Smith in a drunken stupor , sleeping on a barrel by the garage on Trowbridge Road.
With sheer force of will, she held herself from sliding completely back into a stupor .
a drunken stupor
He builds a cabin in the woods to be alone and drink himself into a stupor .
The word Narcissus comes from the ancient Greek word narke which means a stupor .
I did end up drinking myself into a stupor - but it was in the middle of the room, and while talking to other people.