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stupidity / глупость, тупость, тупоумие
имя существительное
stupidity, folly, foolishness, silliness, absurdity, imbecility
stupidity, dullness, obtuseness, crassness, bluntness, torpor
stupidity, hebetude, thickness, lumpishness
имя существительное
behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgment.
I can't believe my own stupidity
Despite its length and stupidity , this is the first entertaining document to be published by the Scottish Executive.
I can't believe my own stupidity
He is a PhD student in Classics so you can imagine he has done a lot of stupid things, not out of actual stupidity , but out of absent mindedness.
The only thing that they are good at is showing their own stupidity .
To confess that I did not realize the implications of my actions would be stupid, even beyond the stupidity of my previous letter to you.
In other words, relying on the continued stupidity of central bankers is not the most tenable investment thesis.
It's not a reporter's job to protect a star's image, or to protect him from his own stupidity .
Too many people get hurt because of fireworks - whether through their own stupidity, or through the stupidity of others.
To not reduce the retail price in the face of the facts is sheer stupidity .
The admiral laughed in spite of the stupidity of such reasoning.