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stuntman / каскадер
имя существительное
stuntman, stunt-master
имя существительное
a man employed to take an actor's place in performing dangerous stunts.
These amazing sequences appear to be a seamless combination of miniature sets, superimposed floodwaters, and cutaways to stuntmen floundering on the backlot under a rushing wall of water at least nine feet high.
But instead of having a human stuntman perform the scene, which would have grounded it in reality, it's just a glorified computer sprite doing the hopping.
Don gets a break when he successfully replaces a stuntman in a silent western.
This follows an accident with a stuntman jumping off of a boat and hurting his collarbone.
He was, in his fantasies, a stuntman , a musician and a member of the elite SAS Regiment.
A stuntman and his model girlfriend flee London and its media circus, and escape to the country, but are manipulated throughout by an advertising agency boss.
Horror staple and legend Tom Savini was brought onto the production as a make up artist, stuntman and actor.
Chan credits his hard training at the school to his physical success as a stuntman , stunt double and actor.
They have eight different categories that you can win, like best fight, best firework, best overall stunt by a stuntwoman or a stuntman .
After national service he worked as a swimming pool salesman, and jobs as a TV stuntman , circus performer and part-time inventor followed.
He began working as a stuntman for Bruce Lee, then a stunt double for Woo Ping, and has directed over 30 films.