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stunt / трюк, эффектное выступление, фокус
имя существительное
trick, stunt, gimmick, prank, deceit, juggle
эффектное выступление
focus, trick, stunt, juggle, pass
останавливать рост
демонстрировать смелость
демонстрировать ловкость
имя существительное
an action displaying spectacular skill and daring.
The spectacular stunts of a top military motorcycle display team took centre stage at the annual Army Open Day in York.
prevent from growing or developing properly.
some weeds produce chemicals that stunt the plant's growth
perform stunts, especially aerobatics.
agile terns are stunting over the water
Personally, I'm skeptical about this supposed ‘search’ since it has all the smell of being just a publicity stunt .
However, association president Phillip Reid says the announcement is a stunt to attract more publicity to the service and justify its cost.
In order to execute yesterday's daring stunt , I was obliged to make a special journey to WH Smith to buy some felt pens - only to discover that they are no longer stocked.
Naturally, the first thing I thought was that this was a publicity stunt to gain attention.
the story was spread as a publicity stunt to help sell books
some weeds produce chemicals that stunt the plant's growth
In 1973, Dean was killed while performing an aerial stunt at a show in Shelby, Ohio.
The two, members of an environmental group, said their stunt was to draw attention to a campaign to save the rainforest.
They are participating in a publicity stunt to draw attention to Anglicare's Winter Appeal.
The stunt required Chan to jump on to a tree from a high castle wall, but he missed his mark and landed head first on rocky ground.