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stunning / оглушающий, ошеломляющий, великолепный
имя прилагательное
stunning, thundering
stunning, staggering, overwhelming, stupefying, swingeing
great, sumptuous, gorgeous, magnificent, excellent, stunning
имя прилагательное
extremely impressive or attractive.
she looked stunning
knock unconscious or into a dazed or semiconscious state.
the man was strangled after being stunned by a blow to the head
Andrea Elvey hit the post before stunning interplay between Jo Martin and Kirsty Ormrod led to Brooks firing in Kendal's second.
For a truly stunning evening, the English National Ballet performs the adorable Swan Lake each night this week until Saturday.
The book presents gems of new information, with stunning visual records of life in Mayo, in a fresh and accessible way.
Finally tonight, the Mars rover Opportunity today sent stunning new images of Mars back to earth.
My new temporary home in Encinitas was quite superb, walking distance away from stunning California beaches.
It wasn't until the 83rd minute that Fairfield scored their third goal through a Horsefield stunning solo run and finish.
The hotel, which opened in 1974, sits high above Langbank and the grounds have stunning views over the Firth of Clyde.
But one of the most stunning scenes of the movie was one of the least violent.
The events of 1973 represented a magnificent achievement, the climax of eight stunning years at the top.
I don't know what's more stunning his poetic use of language or his photography.