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stunner / потрясающее зрелище, изумительный экземпляр, потрясающая красавица
имя существительное
потрясающее зрелище
stunner, striking scene
изумительный экземпляр
потрясающая красавица
имя прилагательное
attractive, appealing, engaging, inviting, lovable, stunner
beautiful, handsome, nice, lovely, goodly, stunner
имя существительное
a strikingly beautiful or impressive person or thing.
the girl was a stunner
The opening stunner was a succession of burlesque performances by the ultra vixen peep show.
It si not only a great looker on the outside, it's a real stunner within the cabin too.
The central slow movement is a solemn stunner - very beautiful, without one false or lazy note.
But the real stunner is that he is pulling 6% of the vote.
The real stunner came with his closing comment, that the defendant did not look like he would speed.
Sur Incises, dominated by three pianos, three harps and percussion, proved a real stunner with its wondrous ‘passing on’ of sound waves and effects between cellos and pianos.
But the real stunner is this: The biggest winners from the faster productivity growth of the 1990s were workers, not investors.
In its clunky realism and breathless romanticism, Looking at the Landscape strikes me as a real stunner , part late Balthus, but more importantly, part proto-John Currin.
He did it first take, hit a volley which flew into the roof of the net, a real stunner , one in a million.
Pulsatilla, the pasque flower, is a real stunner with showy lilac flowers and you'll find an excellent specimen at Glasnevin in the Sensory Garden.