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stumble / спотыкаться, споткнуться, оступаться
stumble, falter, trip, hobble, blunder, reel
stumble, fall over, slip up
stumble, misstep
имя существительное
delay, setback, retention, lag, retardation, stumble
stumble, trip
stumble, hobble
имя существительное
an act of stumbling.
They depict a kind of fall from quotidian grace - evoking a realm where spills, stumbles and bumps thwart our schedules, routines and Palm Pilot agendas.
trip or momentarily lose one's balance; almost fall.
her foot caught a shoe and she stumbled
The effort to walk to the cars quickly becomes a stumble as we both loose adrenaline.
he parodied my groping stumble across the stage
But what's a little stumble when you can walk through a lush cloud forest, gawk at howler monkeys and wade in a lake on the floor of a volcanic crater?
A slight stumble going down the risers to leave the stage did not mar the performance at all.
As an instinct reaction she hit him back, hard enough to make him stumble to catch his balance.
Thus, hunters would only have had to have caused T. rex to trip, stumble , and fall in order to obtain an easy prey.
At this stage he was correcting himself from a stumble .
Phillip turned to see the boy, no older than thirteen, stumble , and fall hard to his knees on the floor.
It's like watching a sober guy walk his drunk friend home; just one stumble and they both hit the sidewalk.
He did not, however, hold onto her car as he approached it, or stumble or lose his footing.