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stuffing / фарш, начинка, набивка
имя существительное
stuffing, forcemeat, mincemeat, mince, filling, farce
filling, stuffing
packing, pack, stuffing, gasket, padding, filling
имя существительное
a mixture used to stuff poultry or meat before cooking.
In 17th and 18th-century English recipes, mixtures for stuffings and forcemeats of many types are recorded.
padding used to stuff cushions, furniture, or soft toys.
Flax mills were built on the north-west side of the Takaka Hill, producing fibre used for rope, sacks, upholstery stuffing and linen.
fill (a receptacle or space) tightly with something.
an old teapot stuffed full of cash
(of a man) have sexual intercourse with (someone).
defeat heavily in sport.
Town got stuffed every week
used to express indifference toward or rejection of (something).
stuff the diet!
sage and onion stuffing
Open the incision with your fingers and spoon the stuffing into the pocket.
Fill each pig leg with the stuffing , secure with butcher's twine, and set aside.
The yards are full of derelict cars, broken-down furniture, sofas with the stuffing bursting out.
All the stuffed animals' stuffing was ripped from the stitches including their plastic black eyes.
the stuffing is coming out of the armchair
Don't try to put too much stuffing inside the rolls, it only makes them harder to roll and more prone to tearing.
The others huddle behind the furniture as blasts rip into the green leather, stuffing flying into the air.
The minced stuffing is then wrapped with tofu skin before being deep fried in oil and topped with a few fresh cucumber slices as a finishing touch.
Cut a pouch in the center of each pork chop and fill with the stuffing .