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studio / студия, ателье, мастерская
имя существительное
studio, atelier
studio, atelier, parlor, parlour
workshop, studio, shop, workroom, manufactory
имя существительное
a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc., works.
In the past, these brick relics have seen service as artists' studios , photographers' darkrooms and birdwatchers' huts.
a film or television production company.
They include senior representatives from all the major film and television studios .
a studio apartment.
It boasts 75 luxury apartments, ranging from studios to two-bedroomed homes.
art studio
The producer at a small Glasgow television and film studio has become the first Scot to scoop a news and documentary Emmy, the TV equivalent of an Oscar in the US.
Last night at the dance studio , we practiced the rueda.
In 1874 Monet's Impression, Sunrise was shown at the first exhibition of a group of independent artists in the studio of the photographer Nadar.
If it were up to me, I'd give Vuggy a recording studio , just to see what kind of new sound they might come up with.
A dance studio at the stadium was given over entirely to the singer, and transformed into his dressing room.
The film's success enabled him to establish his own studio , which attracted many animators keen to embrace Williams' perfectionist approach.
The record was mostly recorded in a residential studio , as the band were keen to distance themselves from the distractions of everyday life.
After a reported £3m refit the mansion now boasts three gazebos, a recording studio , gym and snooker room plus Versailles-style fountains.
Costing from £1,040 per person, the deal is based on B&B for two adults sharing a double studio .