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studded / шипованных
имя прилагательное
decorated or augmented with studs.
a studded leather belt
He is wearing a trucker cap and a black studded dog collar.
Today men are beginning to buy jewelry for themselves, such as chains, diamond rings, watches, bracelets and diamond studded earrings.
Of course, no all-weather tire will be as good on ice as winter and studded (usually illegal) tires.
All studded jewellery comes in 18 carat gold.
For London Fashion Week Jodie Kidd models a diamond- studded dress worth 800,000 dollars.
A hip travel companion, this studded leather carry-on bag by World According to Jess is compartmentalized for stashing all your essentials.
For her final day of community service at New York's sanitation department she wore a diamante studded gown.
Arches hide studded oak doors, twisted iron grilles, smooth door lintels with faint carvings of faces, tools, dates.
She's in very utilitarian studded leather armor with a small buckler.
The massed ranks of punks all echoing back, ' yes, we're all individuals ' in identical boots, combats, studded leathers.