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stucco / штукатурка, штукатурный гипс, штукатурка наружная
имя существительное
plaster, plastering, stucco, parget, daub, pargeting
штукатурный гипс
штукатурка наружная
имя прилагательное
plaster, render, stucco, parget
plaster, stucco
имя существительное
fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces or molding into architectural decorations.
Domestic buildings in the Spanish colonial style are usually built of thick stone walls covered with stucco .
coat or decorate with plaster.
a stuccoed house
Brick stringcourses decorated rough stucco walls, while semicircular lunettes arched over the main floor windows.
Presumably, stucco decoration was more resistant to steam than fresco.
A new, weathered-looking stucco wall accented with an aged wood-and-iron gate hides the old fence.
Cement stucco may last a building's lifetime if applied correctly.
Then follows the apportionment of textures, such as brick, stone, stucco , or rough plaster.
The off-white stucco walls and red shutters of Casa came into view, and a Mexican guard opened a red iron gate.
The south elevation of Moon River House sports aluminum sun screens, smooth stucco walls, and cantilevered concrete terraces.
In addition to a softer color, color washing can accentuate the texture of your plaster or stucco walls.
a shabby house covered in crumbling stucco
The Nasrid Palace is the Alhambra's crown jewel, with its elaborate stucco ceilings and geometric decorations.