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stub / огрызок, пень, корешок
имя существительное
stub, stump
stump, stub, stock
radicle, back, rootlet, stub, backbone, check
uproot, unroot, grub, grub up, log off, stub
вырывать с корнем
uproot, disroot, stub, root out, extirpate, root away
погасить окурок
stub out, stub
имя существительное
the truncated remnant of a pencil, cigarette, or similar-shaped object after use.
Working by candlelight with the stub of his last pencil, he finally achieved the transformation of a humble o into the majestic 0.
the part of a check, receipt, ticket, or other document torn off and kept as a record.
You can use ticket stubs or ribbons or receipts or photos or envelopes or napkins to mark your place in books.
accidentally strike (one's toe) against something.
I stubbed my toe, swore, and tripped
extinguish (a lighted cigarette) by pressing the lighted end against something.
she stubbed out her cigarette in the overflowing ashtray
dig up (a plant) by the roots.
Tommy flicked the stub overboard and raised a brow.
The rest of his body was almost all wolf, though his feet - his hind paws - were still shrinking, and his tail was little more than a stub .
The rocker arms are roller tipped and ride on needle bearings mounted on individual stub shafts.
Many people use their final pay stub to come up with an estimate.
How on earth am I going to keep myself from losing the ticket stub ?
The required documents are a proof of address and welfare or cheque stub .
I remember the date because I still have the ticket stub from the game.
He removed a stub of a pencil and stick of gum from his pants pocket.
If a smoker refuses to stub their cigarette out security guards will ultimately enforce the ban.
The whole class stopped, their eyes on me, and the teacher turned away from the board and pointed a short stub of blackboard chalk at me.