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stuart / stuart
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the royal family ruling Scotland 1371–1714 and Britain 1603–49 and 1660–1714.
However, once again he was pre-empted when the earl of Arran (heir to the Stewart succession) was proclaimed governor of Scotland on 3 January 1543.
имя существительное
a member of the Stuart family.
I'm looking forward to the Tudors and Stewarts .
Her status meant that her journey through the realm newly acquired by the Stuarts occasioned considerable pomp and ceremony.
From 1424, however, he could demonstrate the Stewart characteristics of energy, intellect, and impulsiveness.
They realised that a Britain with a Stuart on the throne need not be any friendlier towards them than the country already was.
At such times he acted with all the calculation of a Stuart king in carefully arranging the time and location of a parliament to best suit his personal agenda.
Coke and his companions opposing the early Stuarts construed the Charter anachronistically and uncritically.
Bank of Scotland had a reputation for being a Jacobite bank, warm to the prospects of Stuarts back on the throne.
I'm looking forward to the Tudors and Stewarts .
Though it was little used under the later Stuarts and Hanoverians, it was restored by George IV, Victoria, and George V, and is now used frequently.
Even under the Stuarts , when scholars were becoming wary of it, it was still celebrated by poets and playwrights.
The Restoration brought back the Stuarts but not intensive royal patronage.