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strut / распорка, стойка, подкос
имя существительное
spacer, strut, brace, spreader, distance piece, crossbar
rack, stand, counter, bar, pillar, strut
strut, shore, knee, trace, jib
ходить с важным видом
prop, prop up, buttress, shore, support, strut
ходить с напыщенным видом
имя существительное
a rod or bar forming part of a framework and designed to resist compression.
The struts of the high girders, which plunge down from the top like the tracks of a rollercoaster, are not absolutely straight.
a stiff, erect, and apparently arrogant or conceited gait.
that old confident strut and swagger has returned
walk with a stiff, erect, and apparently arrogant or conceited gait.
peacocks strut through the grounds
brace (something) with a strut or struts.
the holes were close-boarded and strutted
In a way, I had been in love with him since the moment I saw him on the dock, walking towards us with that confidant strut .
Juan has that arrogant and elegant strut about him when he plays which all world-class players have.
My hand was resting on a curved metal strut that could have been the edge of a hold.
Watching him strut confidently through the role is a joy.
A horizontal V-shaped strut overhangs the old balustrade, suspended from a series of steel bowstring arches.
No one had his look, his air of total confidence and that cocky strut .
Within seconds it stutters its way into a samba breakdown and reggae strut before galloping to a repeat.
Mazda also added a strut tower bar to help stiffen up the chassis.
All you have to do is take the hammer strut off your old hammer and put it on the new one.
For the finale, fishy similarities of Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott strut and prance, while the real-life divas sing through the closing credits.