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strum / бренчать, тренькать
strum, thrum, plink, twang, clangour, clangor
strum, thrum
имя существительное
strum, strumming, plink, chink
имя существительное
the sound made by strumming a guitar or similar instrument.
the brittle strum of acoustic guitars
play (a guitar or similar instrument) by sweeping the thumb or a plectrum up or down across the strings.
He placed his fingers on some strings, and strummed the instrument.
He let go of me, and I suddenly felt a chill down my spine as I heard the strum of guitars from the stage behind me.
the brittle strum of acoustic guitars
The soft strum of a guitar was playing outside and a girl was singing along with it.
Track one, ‘Venus,’ starts off with a pounding piano and a punctuated acoustic guitar strum .
On My Way To Absence begins with the quiet acoustic guitar strum and gentle piano of ‘White Center.’
Hans began to strum a lively tune and then Fritz added in and Edvard began to dance.
Gone is the sparse acoustic strum of a heartbroken Norfolk lass and in steps a more knowing soul.
Katie could do nothing but just nod her head, as the first strum of the guitar was heard.
Each strum of the guitar trembles through the amplifier to turn feedback into magic.
The frantic guitar strum , filtered through a wah-wah pedal, is irresistible and carries this song with speed and finesse.