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strudel / струдель
имя существительное
имя существительное
a confection of thin pastry rolled up around a fruit filling and baked.
The strudels of thin pastry enriched with fat are sweet in Central Europe, and sweet or savoury by the time they reach the Balkans.
While I did learn to make pies and strudel from scratch last year, I'd hardly say that I took a major step in last year's resolution to learn to bake.
Roll the strudel upon itself, like you would a jelly-roll, starting on a long side of the rectangle.
The strawberry mousse and apple strudel for dessert did the rest.
The desserts - a tall ice-cream sundae, wedges of cheesecake, Key-lime pie, and fat, flaky strudel - are all good enough, provided you have the room.
The homemade strudel was plump with seasoned apples in a light pastry casing.
Dust the strudel tuiles with powdered sugar and reserve.
The eggs are firm, and cooked to perfection, the strudel crisp and the tattie scone defiantly light.
Like the phyllo and strudel doughs of Europe, making the dough is an acquired skill that takes most Moroccans years to master.
The three-course meal - spinach and Stilton soup, steamed fillet of cod, apple and sultana strudel is also a hit.
His vegetable plate, anchored by a pea pancake, white-bean-and-spring-green strudel , and stuffed onion, is the best in town.