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strop / строп, ремень для правки бритв
имя существительное
sling, strap, strop, hitch
ремень для правки бритв
strop, strap, razor-strap, razor-strop
rule, correct, govern, king, rein, strop
править бритву
set a razor, strop
имя существительное
a device, typically a strip of leather, for sharpening straight razors.
He taught his sons the Bible and beat them with a razor strop .
sharpen on or with a strop.
he stropped a knife razor-sharp on his belt
First there are the six years, age six to twelve, of being beaten severely once a week with a razor strop by his ex-soldier father.
My father was typical - he didn't hesitate taking the razor strop to me.
That segued into a series of small sounds: another drawer opening and closing, the little splash of water and the quick slapping of a razor against a strop a time or two.
The pilot ejected and Newcastle's sea boat was launched to help the aviator, arriving in time to help him into the winch strop of a Soviet rescue helicopter.
He taught his sons the Bible and beat them with a razor strop .
Dad was one that when he got mad at us, he hit us with a razor strop .
This can be done by rubbing away surplus metal with a grindstone, whetstone, oilstone, steel, ceramic rod, leather strop or the palm of your hand.
Nathalie gets in a strop and makes to leave
‘Unfortunately we couldn't get him into the strop because of his injuries,’ he said.
AB Troy Norris from HMAS Coonawarra Naval Stores lowers the strops from a crane.