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strongbox / сейф
имя существительное
safe, safe deposit, strongbox, peter
имя существительное
a small lockable box, typically made of metal, in which valuables may be kept.
Here they find a mysterious island where their father has a metal strongbox buried in a ruined outhouse.
Turning from the strongbox , he walked towards the door and left the room.
My data is my life, and I won't keep it in a strongbox that someone else has the keys for.
Eventually, he did come across some documents found in a lead strongbox (found by a very old doctor).
I took them out of her strongbox and nobody even noticed it.
Its giant gilded strongbox glared bullion-brilliant, and paradoxically appeared to float at the centre of a giant olive-green pool.
Wastes were also discharged to the river from a paper mill, a hospital, and a strongbox manufacturing factory.
A pair of shoes is set neatly on the wooden floor, a strongbox is just visible beneath the bed, and at its foot is a blanket trunk.
For Prints, Conner arranged a set of his fingerprints produced at the Palo Alto Police Department along with a strongbox containing file folders.
A scroll was left on the nightstand, and the figure stooped to open the strongbox and swiftly redistribute the coins.
Inside the bank cubicle Tess picked up the strongbox and opened the door a crack.