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strong-arm / применять силу
применять силу
имя прилагательное
применяющий силу
имя прилагательное
using or characterized by force or violence.
they were furious at what they said were government strong-arm tactics
use force or violence against.
the culprit shouted before being strong-armed out of the door
Some human right organisations tried to defy the whip on September 21, but they were terrorised by the strong-arm tactics of the upper castes.
How free are we in a world dominated by the great American empire and multinational corporations exerting strong-arm tactics on smaller nations?
Air Canada's strong-arm tactics prompted the Deluces to sue, and the two sides settled out of court after a two-year fight.
Bullying tactics and strong-arm conduct will assist no one in the resolution of the delicate issues affecting our education system.
These strong-arm tactics include garnishing a man's paycheck, revoking his driver's license, and sending him to jail.
The RIAA, on behalf of its members, fights to stop the piracy of digital music files using what some would call strong-arm tactics.
They have been criticised recently for strong-arm tactics, rolling around in tanks, but not doing enough intelligence.
This begins with Israel, where a wave of Palestinian suicide attacks gave justification to Sharon's strong-arm tactics.
Suge's reputation for strong-arm business tactics and how that approach was used to bribe and manipulate are also documented.
He is someone the camorra ‘must’ silence, but any strong-arm tactics would create a hero.