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strong / сильные, здоровые, власть имущие
имя существительное
власть имущие
имя прилагательное
strong, keen, powerful, severe, heavy, hard
strong, hard, sturdy, solid, fast, robust
lasting, strong, durable, solid, firm, rugged
strong, strongly, highly, heavily, heavy, hard
strong, decidedly, vigorously, flatly, positively, stoutly
имя прилагательное
having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.
she cut through the water with her strong arms
able to withstand great force or pressure.
cotton is strong, hard-wearing, and easy to handle
(of light) very intense.
Bright lights, especially flashing lights, and strong smells, can also bring on an attack.
denoting a class of verbs in Germanic languages that form the past tense and past participle by a change of vowel within the stem rather than by addition of a suffix (e.g., swim , swam , swum ) ; contrasted with weak.
It is very concrete, and consists of strong nouns and a strong verb, with no modifiers.
of, relating to, or denoting the strongest of the known kinds of force between particles, which acts between nucleons and other hadrons when closer than about 10 −13 cm (so binding protons in a nucleus despite the repulsion due to their charge), and which conserves strangeness, parity, and isospin.
Protons and neutrons are held together in a nucleus of an atom by the strong force.
I tried to keep my tuning out powers strong enough to ignore the regular conversation.
The world economy is incredibly strong at the moment and the UK is doing especially well.
Jim had a special rapport with Irish people and his popularity has remained incredibly strong over the years.
the temptation to remain is very strong
There is a strong relationship between the limits and the identity of any alliance.
We have to take advantage of our strong cultural economy and give it the support that it needs.
There's no doubt that a team that is fit and mentally strong will have some advantage by the end of these two games.
Do you know, sometimes the smell is so strong that it can even make you bleed through the nose.
Suzuki's figures were helped by strong sales in overseas markets such as India and Indonesia.
All in all, the Context report makes a strong case for closing down the FM transmissions.