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stroll / прогулка
имя существительное
stroll, tour, ride, promenade, jaunt, excursion
walk, stroll
stroll, saunter, promenade, walk about, troll, truck
take a walk, stroll, take a turn
имя существительное
a short leisurely walk.
The festival offers a week of organised walks ranging from short strolls to challenging long distance routes.
a victory or objective that is easily achieved.
Their supporters can barely rouse themselves for regulation home league wins achieved at a stroll .
walk in a leisurely way.
I strolled around the city
When you get back, take a short stroll on the Riverfront Promenade, which begins on the east side of Tower Bridge at the foot of Capitol Mall.
In the case of the Eel Garden, it's a short stroll out of the Dive Urge dive centre and into the sea.
We started a leisurely stroll through what really were beautiful gardens.
The announcement is welcome news for the many walkers who use the Barrow track for a leisurely stroll .
A short stroll along memory lane reveals an interesting range of speciality shops including antiques, art and craft, gift shops and galleries.
When last Tuesday I took a leisurely stroll to a San Francisco café it seemed an ordinary Californian day.
It is a short stroll from the town centre and is within walking distance of the Dart station.
Milk, bread, and other necessities are just a short stroll away.
We began to stroll casually down the street.
Watching people stroll the grounds and explore the 18th century hall was very rewarding.