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stroke / погладить, поглаживать, ласкать
stroke, caress
stroke, pat
caress, fondle, pet, stroke, canoodle, nurse
задавать такт гребцам
row the stroke, stroke, pull the stroke
задавать такт
имя существительное
hit, impact, blow, strike, shock, stroke
ход поршня
progress, stroke, running, travel, process, motion
hatch, stroke, touch, dash, line, trait
smear, swab, stroke, brushstroke, touch, daub
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
an act of hitting or striking someone or something; a blow.
he received three strokes of the cane
an act of moving one's hand or an object across a surface, applying gentle pressure.
massage the cream into your skin using light upward strokes
a movement, especially one of a series, in which something moves out of its position and back into it; a beat.
the ray swam with effortless strokes of its huge wings
a sudden disabling attack or loss of consciousness caused by an interruption in the flow of blood to the brain, especially through thrombosis.
The pollution could also restrict their blood flow, causing strokes and heart attacks.
move one's hand with gentle pressure over (a surface, especially hair, fur, or skin), typically repeatedly; caress.
he put his hand on her hair and stroked it
act as the stroke of (a boat or crew).
he stroked Penn's rowing eight to victory
hit or kick (a ball) smoothly and deliberately.
Miller calmly stroked three-pointers throughout the tournament
Cech in stroke seat had his boat in a two and a half second lead over Germany's number two crew by the 1000.
And then one day, it came to me like a stroke of genius.
We swim the full stroke , but change the focus from the hands to the elbows to the shoulders-all the way down to the feet.
Berard is the potential home run hitter who hasn't found his long-ball stroke just yet.
that was a stroke of pure genius
An ischaemic stroke is when the supply of blood to part of the brain is blocked.
The hands and putter head need to work as one unit for the stroke to be effective.
For a final time it passed its forearm over the limb and with a gentle stroke of her fur stepped away.
Adult patients more than 18 years of age were eligible if they had acute ischemic stroke and atrial fibrillation.
He forced the Maritzburg goalkeeper, Ryan Gary, to lie on the ball, conceding a penalty stroke .