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strive / бороться, стараться, прилагать усилия
fight, struggle, combat, deal, contend, strive
try, strive, endeavor, trouble, take pains, study
прилагать усилия
make efforts, endeavor, strive, exert, labor, take pains
make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.
national movements were striving for independence
scholars must strive against bias
You strive for perfection and worry when things don't turn out just so.
Rats and monkeys made dependent on cocaine will always strive hard to get more.
God said to Moses, do not strive against me, or you will die; by faith only can this tribe be saved.
I couldn't believe I was off the boat - the thing sailors strive against at all times.
You can always hit a purer shot, do better, strive for perfection.
Nevertheless, for major issues the Whips still strive to ensure a good attendance.
we must strive to secure steady growth
Remember that your greatest ethical responsibility is to constantly strive for excellence in everything you do.
And with these all as a background, one should earnestly strive to keep the unity of the Spirit.