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stripy / полосатый
имя прилагательное
striped, tabby, striated, stripy, streaky, brindle
имя прилагательное
a stripy T-shirt
Dressed in a stripy lime blouse and cream slacks, she reaches the sofa, kicks off her shoes and perches on it like a pixie.
Known for his loud ties and stripy jackets, he quickly became an afternoon television icon.
Laughing, she says: ‘People still expect me to have long Gothic hair and dress in stripy tights with a pointy hat.’
I saw red fish, blue fish, stripy fish, fish with polka dots, urchins, giant clams, sharks and acres of variegated coral waving hello.
Under stripy umbrellas belonging to gaily painted hotels, we were drinking cocktails and playing cards.
I re-entered the Harewood estate along an avenue of pines that cast a stripy shadow.
That's why the zip on my stripy canvas clothes cover came out asymmetrical.
He was wearing a green anorak-style jacket and a stripy hat, and had carrier bags with him.
Justin reappears in a billowing white cape, stripy red and white skintight rock trousers and an open white waistcoat.
These stripy yellow marauders from the continent are twice as big as their British counterparts.