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stripper / съемник, стриппер, отпарная колонна
имя существительное
puller, stripper, remover, lifter
stripper, gleaner
отпарная колонна
имя существительное
a device used for stripping something.
plier-style wire strippers
a striptease performer.
When I first moved away from home at age 18, I lived with a woman who was an exotic dancer, a stripper really.
the stripper gyrated on the tiny stage
I thought I might be using paint stripper and it doesn't work so well if it is too cold.
He wasn't about to go to a dance looking like some male stripper .
Many people opt to apply a chemical stripper directly on to the woodwork.
He falls for a young stripper named Honey and eventually the two are married.
Since becoming a stripper , I have had to confront that reality several times.
If inflation were any higher you might like to consider a glass of paint stripper instead.
He used a buffing machine with a strip pad to work the stripper into the sealer.
When hiring the stripper , please keep in mind that I prefer brunettes.
The third was a smallish plain Jane, who boasted of being a stripper .