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stripped-down / урезанная
имя прилагательное
reduced to essentials.
an interim, stripped-down funding bill
We were tired, we couldn't make what we were doing work any more and we couldn't do the new, stripped-down style of music.
But their success lies in the simplicity of their music - stripped-down , back-to-basics rock 'n' roll.
Gotta inject as much of that Stax stripped-down sound as we can.
Happening For Love has a stripped-down , raw sound.
I liked the sound a lot, because I listen to a lot of non-rock music, more stripped-down stuff-country, blues, old American folk music.
You go from this really big, wild, lush, orchestrated sound to this stripped-down early form of jazz.
Owen even manages to evoke Joni Mitchell on the stripped-down piano ballad ‘The Dancing Tree.’
Here's a stripped-down outline of the article in question.
The results are stripped-down , smoky and ruthless, largely rhythmic exercises in neo-noir swagger and slippery, red-light dub rock.
Skyscraper is reminiscent of Dresser's earlier recorded efforts, consisting entirely of beautifully stripped-down acoustic songs.