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striped / полосатый
имя прилагательное
striped, tabby, striated, stripy, streaky, brindle
имя прилагательное
marked with or having stripes.
a green-striped coat
mark with stripes.
her body was striped with bands of sunlight
When I reach the front the boy in the striped shirt hands me his video camera.
Perhaps we should be forgiving when a friend wears a striped shirt with plaid pants.
The lack of sacks could have something to do with those guys in the striped shirts.
He was wearing a dull gray suit, white shirt, and striped tie.
Archer was dressed in prison garb of striped shirt, blue sweatshirt and blue jeans turned up at the bottom.
The artist often appears in a black beret and a black-and-white striped shirt.
This shrub comes in a pleasing plain green form, or a more unusual type with variegated yellow and green striped leaves.
She was just a little chubbier than the other girls and she wore blue shorts and a striped pink and blue shirt.
He wore a pair of black corduroys and a long sleeved striped green dress shirt.
Bankers in striped shirts were crammed elbow-to-elbow along the gleaming bar.