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stripe / полоса, нашивка, кайма
имя существительное
band, strip, stripe, streak, lane, bar
stripe, ribbon, riband
border, bordure, fringe, hem, edging, stripe
испещрять полосами
stroke, stripe
имя существительное
a long narrow band or strip, typically of the same width throughout its length, differing in color or texture from the surface on either side of it.
a pair of blue shorts with pink stripes
a chevron sewn onto a uniform to denote military rank.
The epaulettes on the choker tunic of his black naval uniform bore the four stripes of his rank.
mark with stripes.
her body was striped with bands of sunlight
He was wearing a beige sweater with a stripe across the chest.
One mirror has a thick vertical fluorescent orange stripe of paint running up its center, the other a horizontal.
He had earned the first black stripe on his Brown Belt.
He wore a navy blue, three-piece pin stripe suit and a blood red tie.
The car had a red stripe down both sides.
The chain was fastened to the back of her collar, giving her a gleaming silver stripe down her back.
True believers of every stripe describe their vision of what taxpayer money, talent, and hope can do.
The second and much rarer stripe of drinker is your peer, the fully functional alcoholic.
Parallel to the development of the domestic stripe is the evolution of another category - the aristocratic stripe .
Alfalfa weevils are small green worms with a light stripe down the back.