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strip / полоса, полоска, лента
имя существительное
band, strip, stripe, streak, lane, bar
strip, band, streak, strap, facia, fascia
tape, ribbon, band, strip, sash, fillet
undress, strip, disrobe, peel, unclothe
strip, bare, denude, unbare, unclothe, lay open
undress, strip, disrobe, peel, unclothe, dismantle
имя существительное
an act of undressing, especially in a striptease.
she got drunk and did a strip on top of the piano
a long, narrow piece of cloth, paper, plastic, or some other material.
a strip of linen
a comic strip.
Steve also brings us our weekly strip cartoon Back Yard, which you can read on Page 20.
remove all coverings from.
they stripped the bed
leave bare of accessories or fittings.
thieves stripped the room of luggage
deprive someone of (rank, power, or property).
the lieutenant was stripped of his rank
sell off (the assets of a company) for profit.
One is that the CEOs in question will be powerful enough to strip assets from their companies for their own gain - and get away with it.
tear the thread or teeth from (a screw, gearwheel, etc.).
Getting the screw out can strip the bushing threads in the frame.
Compared to a strip of land in Hungary, it's a cinch.
Caesars is reputed to be the hottest strip joint in Kingston.
The other nine soldiers who had had nothing else to do had spent all day clearing out a strip of land for a runway.
He gets a tip from Mike that the Whale went to a strip joint.
A couple of weeks ago the Don Hotel, the last of the city's legendary strip joints, closed its doors.
strip off the existing paint
The top and the decorative strip are characteristic of Chinese bells and commonly found on Choson bells.
I slowly strip off my clothes and get into the hot shower.
Before starting to strip the engine we drained all the oil from the engine - noting a high metal content.
Three times during the weekend, other cartoonists had to physically restrain him from creating a new strip .