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stringer / стрингер, тетива, продольная балка
имя существительное
string, bowstring, stringer
продольная балка
имя существительное
a longitudinal structural piece in a framework, especially that of a ship or aircraft.
Longitudinal stringers are fir encased in fiberglass, and athwartship bulkheads are construction-grade exterior plywood.
a newspaper correspondent not on the regular staff of a newspaper, especially one retained on a part-time basis to report on events in a particular place.
The more you cover local news, the more local people buy newspapers, these stringers said.
a side of a staircase, which supports the treads and risers.
The bottom tread of this stringer must be 1-1/2 in. shorter and the top must be notched around the cleat/cross brace.
a sports player holding a specified position in an order of preference.
a third-stringer on the football team
Treads may be set into a dado or nailed to a cleat attached to the side of a stair stringer .
I only have experience as a stringer for a daily and a freelancer for magazines and weeklies.
At the time I was not long out of college, working as a stringer , editorial writer and arts reviewer for the Galway Advertiser.
There was only one stringer in the world Borg trusted, a fellow Swede called Mats Laftman.
He has taken photographs as a stringer for The Associated Press and had a story published in The New York Times.
Courriere felt the exterior port stem between the stringer and the windows.
With a double carbon graphite stringer , rail stiffeners, and slick skin bottom, it was also quite fast.
Asianet, whose stringer he used to be, has pretty much dumped him, and his legal expenses have reduced him to penury.
Reynolds, in particular, makes use of this jury-rigged stringer system to alert his readers to articles that would otherwise go unnoticed.
Using a 3-foot-diameter steel pipe as supporting stringer and railing makes for easy installation.