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striking / поразительный, разительный, замечательный
имя прилагательное
startling, striking, amazing, astounding, staggering, sensational
striking, dramatic
remarkable, wonderful, great, admirable, marvelous, striking
shock, percussion, striking, percussive, pulsatile
имя существительное
нанесение удара
ignition, lighting, striking, kindling
stripping, striking
имя прилагательное
attracting attention by reason of being unusual, extreme, or prominent.
the murder bore a striking similarity to an earlier shooting
(of an employee) on strike.
striking mine workers
имя существительное
the action of striking.
substantial damage was caused by the striking of a submerged object
hit forcibly and deliberately with one's hand or a weapon or other implement.
he raised his hand, as if to strike me
(of a disaster, disease, or other unwelcome phenomenon) occur suddenly and have harmful or damaging effects on.
an earthquake struck the island
(of a thought or idea) come into the mind of (someone) suddenly or unexpectedly.
a disturbing thought struck Melissa
(of employees) refuse to work as a form of organized protest, typically in an attempt to obtain a particular concession or concessions from their employer.
workers may strike over threatened job losses
cancel, remove, or cross out with or as if with a pen.
strike his name from the list
Sack every striking employee forthwith and replace them all with expats.
In addition, the striking workers are demanding that more ticket takers be contracted.
One week later, food and beverage workers joined them, expanding the number of striking employees to 800.
Anne Heazle was the winner of the monthly competition with her beautiful and striking flower arrangement.
Pet quickly jabbed once he got into striking distance to catch Collis off guard.
His striking of the ball is excellent for a relative novice and his enthusiasm for the game seems to energize those around him.
Throughout the strike, about 2,200 managers have been doing the work of the striking employees.
A meeting between the striking workers and the employers' association has been scheduled for Monday, 15 July.
Another stall at the exhibition is hung with striking landscape oils by artist Linda Wormald.
Conch brought up her left arm just as the man came within striking distance.