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striker / забастовщик, ударник, молотобоец
имя существительное
striker, turnout
drummer, striker, hammer, percussionist, timpanist, shock-worker
striker, hammerer, hammerman
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
an employee on strike.
While the strikers walk the picket lines, more than 20 employees have decided to continue working.
the player who is to strike the ball in a game; a player considered in terms of ability to strike the ball.
a gifted striker of the ball
The 26-year-old Celtic striker 's long-term plans make sense in anyone's language.
"And I missed another later because I didn't keep my composure, " said the young striker ruefully.
a gifted striker of the ball
This was the ferocious striker of the ball who terrified everyone in the locker room.
Niemi stood his ground and pushed the diminutive striker 's shot beyond the far post.
a gifted striker of the ball
The 28-year-old Dutch striker has been out of action for nearly three months because of an Achilles injury.
The team often has a five-man midfield and a lone striker .
If you are a striker at any club, you must score goals.
He is such a clean striker of the ball, that runs would eventually come if he stays at the crease.