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strike / удар, забастовка, стачка
имя существительное
hit, impact, blow, strike, shock, kick
strike, turnout, walkout, stoppage
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, kill
strike, go on strike, be on strike, come out, go out, turn out
hit, smite, strike, bump, knock, impact
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a refusal to work organized by a body of employees as a form of protest, typically in an attempt to gain a concession or concessions from their employer.
dockers voted for an all-out strike
a sudden attack, typically a military one.
the threat of nuclear strikes
a discovery of gold, minerals, or oil by drilling or mining.
the Lena goldfields strike of 1912
a pitch that is counted against the batter, in particular one that the batter swings at and misses, or that passes through the strike zone without the batter swinging, or that the batter hits foul (unless two strikes have already been called). A batter accumulating three strikes is out.
By the time the batter swung, strike three was already in the catcher's mitt.
the horizontal or compass direction of a stratum, fault, or other geological feature.
Incremental changes in the strike of some of the folds occur across these right-lateral faults, with more east-west orientations to the east.
hit forcibly and deliberately with one's hand or a weapon or other implement.
he raised his hand, as if to strike me
(of a disaster, disease, or other unwelcome phenomenon) occur suddenly and have harmful or damaging effects on.
an earthquake struck the island
(of a thought or idea) come into the mind of (someone) suddenly or unexpectedly.
a disturbing thought struck Melissa
(of employees) refuse to work as a form of organized protest, typically in an attempt to obtain a particular concession or concessions from their employer.
workers may strike over threatened job losses
cancel, remove, or cross out with or as if with a pen.
strike his name from the list
I head back to the living room, undo the matchbook, strike a match and carefully light the edges of the paper in the fireplace.
The quartzitic horizons change along strike into carbonaceous shale and sericite-chlorite schist.
In Lahore again 4,000 railway employees also went on strike .
As I predicted, however, the Supreme Court did not strike these laws down on grounds that they were special-interest rent-seeking legislation.
a rent strike
Three non-members of the European Union are granted permission to strike Euro coins.
he raised his hand, as if to strike me
With two outs and first base occupied, the catcher needs to tag the batter on a dropped third strike or throw to first.
to strike a medal
You can strike without warning and easily escape before any authority can catch you.