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stride / шаг, большой шаг, брюки
имя существительное
step, move, stride, pace, increment, walk
большой шаг
trousers, pants, breeches, pantaloons, unmentionables, stride
step, tread, pace, stride, leg, foot-slog
overstep, walk over, stride, stride over, stride across
шагать большими шагами
step out, stride
имя существительное
a long, decisive step.
he crossed the room in a couple of strides
a step or stage in progress toward an aim.
great strides have been made toward equality
denoting or relating to a rhythmic style of jazz piano playing in which the left hand alternately plays single bass notes on the downbeat and chords an octave higher on the upbeat.
a stride pianist
walk with long, decisive steps in a specified direction.
he strode across the road
cross (an obstacle) with one long step.
by giving a little leap she could stride across like a grown-up
Moran intersperses breathtaking flights of improvisation with vamps, ostinatos, and stride techniques.
It was during these years that Da Vinci hit his stride , reaching new heights of scientific and artistic achievement.
He walked with a determined stride , as if he knew where he was going and nothing would stop him from getting there.
Edwards really seemed to have hit his stride and was right on the mark, whether talking about his background, or addressing issues of concern.
The play gains momentum in its second act, in which both leads and two fine male supports, finally hit their stride .
David went deep within himself, met God, and found strength and direction to stride into the way of salvation.
With a purposeful stride Eddy walked through the people with an encouraging smile upon her half hidden face.
new wealth enabled Britain to stride the world once more
Stand with your feet together and step forward with your right, about a long stride 's length in front of your left.
he followed her with an easy stride