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stricture / стриктура, сужение, осуждение
имя существительное
constriction, contraction, waist, stenosis, stricture, pinch
condemnation, conviction, censure, denunciation, disapproval, stricture
строго критиковать
имя существительное
a restriction on a person or activity.
religious strictures on everyday life
a sternly critical or censorious remark or instruction.
his strictures on their lack of civic virtue
abnormal narrowing of a canal or duct in the body.
a colonic stricture
a colonic stricture
a colonic stricture
A clear distinction between the dysphagia of an inflammatory stricture and that of carcinoma is impossible on clinical grounds alone.
However, I am also convinced that my stricture about the hermeneutic circle is and must be self-referential.
jaundice caused by bile duct stricture
Once again, my criticism of U.S. hegemony had to be tempered by a stricture on Japan's own insular nationalism.
At the time of referral, she was awaiting surgery for a colonic stricture resulting from a recurrence of carcinoma of the colon.
jaundice caused by bile duct stricture
Composers such as Webern leapt on the concept and ran with it, going so far as to impose these same strictures on all aspects of music including rhythm.
Significantly, ministers are to impose new strictures on police and social workers.