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strictly / строго, точно, настрого
exactly, precisely, accurately, just, for sure, strictly
in a way that involves rigid enforcement or that demands obedience.
he's been brought up strictly
used to indicate that one is applying words or rules exactly or rigidly.
strictly speaking , ham is a cured, cooked leg of pork
The betrothal was arranged by the parents as a strictly business contract.
This is strictly business - a two-hour meeting and a 90-minute working lunch.
A report on the current situation says that no infected animals or people have been found in Bulgaria, and imports from neighbouring countries are strictly controlled.
Oh, and this information is strictly confidential.
Although pruning isn't strictly necessary for deciduous berberis and cotoneaster, they can be thinned out by one third in February to keep then within bounds.
strictly speaking , ham is a cured, cooked leg of pork
In many cases, highly personal matters prevent the transfer from being a strictly business matter.
Mises' views on gold are based strictly on supply/demand considerations.
‘Whenever excise goods are sold in the country, the payment of excise taxes will be strictly controlled,’ Al-Dejburi said.
However, the company said it was strictly not allowed to comment on the issue, which is believed to be related to an inquiry by the Financial Services Authority which found that the company broke Stock Market rules.