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strew / посыпать, усыпать, разбрасывать
sprinkle, strew, dredge, scatter, spritz, powder
strew, pepper, bestrew, set with, powder, intersperse
scatter, disperse, throw about, overspread, broadcast, strew
scatter or spread (things) untidily over a surface or area.
a small room with newspapers strewn all over the floor
The dog loves to play in the litter and strew it around the floor.
The road-bridge and Victorian pedestrian footbridge are completely neglected and the canal and its verge are litter strewn .
Litter was strewn around, even though a bin had been provided.
Can someone turn this into a beautiful park or enclosed forested area, and stop the disorderly rubbish strewers ?
Outside the shining enclaves in New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, the landscape is strewn with garbage.
The path all the way up was strewn with litter, dog excrement and branches from trees.
Litter strewed the hallway; books and candles lay burnt and melted around the floor.
Hundreds of rescuers worked through the night locating wreckage and bodies, which were strewn across a wide area.
Further research has identified the flower strewer as a Newry man.
There are more and more scratches to the paintwork and plants from an adjoining flower bed, along with litter, have been strewn over the seats and surrounding area.