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stretchy / эластичный, тянущийся, легко растягивающийся
имя прилагательное
elastic, resilient, stretchy, ductile, rubbery, springy
легко растягивающийся
имя прилагательное
(especially of material or a garment) able to stretch or be stretched easily.
stretchy miniskirts
Taylor also noted that it was stretchy material and had a zipper in the back.
Wearing vertical lines on your top half can have a streamlining effect, so long as the material is not stretchy or clingy.
Then I was covered from neck to ankles in a bandage-like stretchy fabric soaked in a special clay substance.
The material was stretchy enough that it hadn't mattered.
For very stretchy fabrics, use texturized stretch thread in the needle to tighten the needleline and add additional stretch in the seam.
Previously, stretchable conductors have been made by embedding metal particles in a stretchy material.
If you think you may not have time to check ties regularly, use a stretchy material such as rubber rather than a rigid tie.
Knits and other stretchy fabrics are an open invitation to snags.
Soft bands are made out of silks, satins, ribbons, cotton, rayon and various forms of stretchy materials.
She has done heaps of different courses in a range of areas but found that being able to sew stretchy fabrics meant she has been able to make clothes for the whole family quickly and inexpensively.