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stretcher / носилки, подрамник, натяжка
имя существительное
stretcher, litter, sedan chair, barrow, sedan, palanquin
stretcher, underframe
stretch, stretcher
имя существительное
a framework of two poles with a long piece of canvas slung between them, used for carrying sick, injured, or dead people.
At any time of the day or night, a tall RAF corporal would be seen helping to carry a stretcher containing an injured soldier into the tent.
a thing that stretches something, in particular.
The stand, with its baluster legs and serpentine stretcher , is also japanned and similar to other European designs of this period.
a rod or bar joining and supporting chair legs.
Chairs imported from New England, particularly Boston, influenced the design of this chair, especially in its stretchers , relatively light seat rails, and yoked crest.
a brick or stone laid with its long side along the face of a wall.
To understand the following patterns, you'll want to know that stretchers are brick laid lengthwise along the wall.
Gilliam is known primarily as a Color School painter who ‘liberated’ the canvas from its stretcher .
A transportation aide transports the patient via stretcher from the SDS area to the preoperative holding area.
The optical stretcher has been described previously as a two-beam laser trap that induces optical forces, which can be used to deform cells.
Another device he used to emphasize the objectness of his paintings was to leave exposed the ragged edge of the canvas and the staples used to attach it to the stretcher .
Incoming patients must be held there, in a temporary treatment stretcher , until a bed opens.
Moving to smaller workstations, not surprisingly, can be a budget- and space - stretcher .
Last year we had stretcher spinning, fastest into caving gear and body traversing to mention just a few.
A stretcher with a life support system was rushed towards the emergency room.
On one stretcher was a local woman suffering from renal failure and in need of kidney dialysis, and on another a woman who was pregnant.
The nuts were missing from adjustable stretcher bars which keep the moveable section of track at the correct width for the train's wheels.