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streetwise / человек, хорошо знающий проблемы городской жизни
имя прилагательное
reflective of modern urban life, especially that of urban youth.
streetwise fashion
It's stuffed full of Japanese cultural references, slang, and streetwise situations.
I am streetwise and clever and realise that any other course of action might have led to me having my head kicked in.
We have also got a lot more streetwise , and playing against the best sides has raised skill levels and mental awareness.
In the near future, he is planning to add a new company to cater to more streetwise fashion garments for the younger, impressionable audience.
The designer said she's trying her hand at streetwise fashion with a musical twist.
Unfortunately, too much of Blige's appeal is wrapped up in her gruff, streetwise persona and not enough is focused on her enjoyable but often pedestrian musical instincts.
She has all the intellectual abilities, but is more streetwise than the other two.
streetwise fashion
They even share a house servant, Manuelo, more worldly and streetwise than anyone else around.
Think modern fabrics and traditional tailoring, with streetwise twists.